Become a Leader

Coach Tuohy provides extensive insight on how to be a successful leader and relates his experiences serving in the United States Marine Corp. The principles can be applied to any scenario with a goal – whether its athletes, colleagues, teachers, coaches or individuals.

The primary objective of Marine Corps leadership is mission accomplishment. This requires a goal-oriented approach. A leader must identify long-term goals for the team and the short-term steps the organization needs to take to achieve those goals.

The secondary objective of Marine Corps Leadership is troop welfare — which can also be described as team welfare or individual welfare. This objective requires empathy on the part of the leader to make sure that the needs of those in the team are looked after.

Success Stories

“Staff Sergeant Patrick Tuohy served his country with honor, courage, and commitment during two combat tours in Iraq. As Patrick’s Platoon Sergeant for six years, I was able to observe his dedication to duty, leadership by example, and constant mission accomplishment. While in both combat and garrison, Patrick was my go to Marine as he was always dependable and instrumental in building unit cohesion and morale. His dynamic leadership style and physical fitness is second to none; if given the opportunity, I would by name request Patrick to serve in combat with me again. In the last 24 years of my service in the United States Marine Corps, Patrick is in the top 5% of hundreds of Marines I have had the pleasure of leading.”

– Master Sergeant James Toland Jr.